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Top Hotels in Bournemouth

Are you planning a trip to the sunny seaside town of Bournemouth? Have you been searching high and dry, looking for the top hotels in Bournemouth? If so, you need to look no further as The The Mercure Bournemouth is renowned as one of the top hotels Bournemouth boasts. Whether you are looking for top hotels in Bournemouth for a long weekend or week-long getaway, with more than 109 luxury rooms to choose from, we’ve got you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with our friendly and courteous team of advisors now to book a room at our sought-after guesthouse.


Looking for the Top Hotels in Bournemouth?

Out of all the top hotels Bournemouth boasts, we’re entirely confident that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a guesthouse which can compare with the prowess of The The Mercure Bournemouth. While there are a number of reasons why we are the superior and obvious choice out of all the best hotels Bournemouth can boast, we thought it would be beneficial and ultimately constructive to see a few of the many reasons why we’re the go-to guesthouse of choice. They include but are by no means limited to:

To get a complete overview of our facilities at one of Bournemouth top hotels, please be sure to have a look through our high-definition gallery. Whether you are looking for inspiration for which room out of the 109 ones to choose from, or you would like to explore the on-site amenities of our spa and leisure centre, don’t hesitate to have a browse. From our accommodation to our restaurant and everything in-between, you will find pictures of all our services we offer.

Should you have any questions or queries about what to expect from one of the best hotels Bournemouth offers, do not be tentative about getting in touch with our courteous and professional team now. We’d be delighted to help you with any special requirements you may have, so don’t be shy, we’re only a phone call away. To book a deluxe room or to reserve any of our other services such as a treatment at our Forever Gorgeous Day Spa and Clinic, give our reservations team a call today on 01202 554 415.


Here’s Why, Out of All the Top Hotels in Bournemouth, The The Mercure Bournemouth is Second-To-None

Since the 1940s, we have worked tirelessly hard to build up a reputation as one of the most prominent hotels in Bournemouth. We guarantee you that every time you visit our establishment – known locally as one of the most excellent places to stay Bournemouth offers – you’ll always receive a service that is worthy of our distinguished reputation for excellence.

We’re confident that no other hotel, out of all the places to stay in Bournemouth, can compare to our outstanding customer service records, prime centralised location and abundance of on-site facilities as well as our ultra-competitive prices.

There is a multitude of advantages that you can benefit from by choosing us out of all the top hotels in Bournemouth. We thought it would be reassuring and ultimately helpful to list a few of these many benefits for you. These include but are not limited to:Top Hotels in Bournemouth

  • A plethora of on-site amenities to use at every guest’s disposal
  • Superb customer satisfaction records
  • Prime location in the city centre of Bournemouth by the beach
  • Over 109 luxury rooms to choose from
  • Exceptional value for money accommodation

Do you still need convincing that The The Mercure Bournemouth is the superior and obvious choice out of all the Bournemouth top hotels on offer? If so, we suggest that you familiarise yourself with the recent feedback that we have received from our wealth of satisfied clients who are happy to applaud us as one of the best places to stay in Bournemouth. After browsing through their reviews, we’re confident that you’ll have a better and more concise understanding of why we’re the superior choice of all the top hotels in Bournemouth.

The location itself is great – close to town and even closer to the beach. The staff is warm and friendly and certainly make you feel that nothing is too much trouble. The evening meal was excellent, the food came quickly and was fresh and tasty. The breakfast in the morning is a buffet style affair – they even had black pudding and tea and coffee already on my table prior to us even sitting down. In short, I would have no trouble recommending this fab hotel and staff and we certainly will be back at some point this year with the children in tow.” Travis Hastings

With complimentary feedback such as this, it is no wonder that The The Mercure Bournemouth is so widely sought-after in comparison to all the other top hotels Bournemouth has to offer. Now after reading about our second-to-none facilities and premium accommodation, when looking for the top hotels in Bournemouth, you’ll know precisely who to contact. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch now to avoid disappointment!


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Now that you discovered the ultra-competitive prices, second-to-none reputation for excellence and the wide range of amenities on offer at The The Mercure Bournemouth – all for an incredibly cost-effective price – you’ll know precisely who to contact for the best places to stay in Bournemouth. As the preferred choice of many, out of all the Bournemouth top hotels on offer, it would be wise to get in contact and book a room while you can by calling us on 01202 554 415. Alternatively, you can send us your inquiry by filling out the contact form on our easily navigable website or by emailing us at info@mercurebournemouth.co.uk.